Wychwood Baptist Church

Life Centre

Something old … Something new!

The Life Centre is the new name for the buildings at 83 High Street - and it represents the start of something new, out of something old!

You may know of these buildings as ‘Wychwood Baptist,’ which has been around for 195 years (something old!) - but times change, and so have we.

Wychwood Baptist Church still exists, but it now meets at the Life Centre, which is something new, something bigger, something for the community.

We love our community! The pandemic changed life a lot for most of us and has been a prompt to look for ways of being more involved in daily community life and maybe help us all to share life more. Hence the name!

Good things already happen, with (amongst other things) our Youth Club, Friday Cafe, Foodbank & involvement in community events. Yet there is the potential for much more. With the help of others there are plans to expand what is already happening, and from the autumn there will be new things starting.

More of this will be publicised in due course, via our noticeboard, website and on the Wychwood Post (Facebook)

… and in the meantime?

Whilst we are making plans for the autumn, we’re continuing with our existing activities until then.

Plus, there are the activities of other groups which hire our facilities - something we will continue to offer them going forward.

And - you don’t have to wait for the autumn, there’s something new happening over the summer.

Click Here to download a copy of our registration form

Here’s where you come in

It’s all very well us making plans, but what would YOU like to see on offer at the Life Centre?
Is there something that could make life better/easier for you locally?

We can’t make promises, but we’d be interested in hearing what you feel is missing in our village.

 with your suggestion, and we hope to see you at the Life Centre soon.

Surf's Up Holiday Club

This week (Aug 1-3) is our Holiday Club for anyone going into school years 3-7.  

We've been having a great time looking at who Jesus is through the eyes of Peter.

There is singing, storytelling, games, craft and refreshments.

Here are some photo's of what we've been up to